FiM++ Wiki

A FiM++ Wiki page should have the following general structure:

(Optional redirection or encouragement)
(Optional infobox)
Introductory paragraph
  Content, subheadings
(Optional "External Links" Heading)
"See Also" Heading
  * At least one related page
(Optional "References" Heading)
(Optional navbox)
(Optional "Stub" template, or similar)

Example code[]

There are six templates designed for the explicit purpose of making it easy to post well-formatted example FiM++ code on this wiki:

  • {{Code|<type>|<value>}}
    • A Code tag has two mandatory arguments. That is to say, you must provide two values, separated by "|"s.
    • type is the type of value being specified. The following are treated specially:
      • class
      • comment
      • keyword
      • literal
      • method
      • operator, comparator
      • punctuation
      • value
      • type
      • variable
      • whitespace
    • value is the actual text that is displayed.

  • {{Codeblock|<any text>}}
    • This creates a standalone block of code, used to make is more visually easy to understand when a lot of code is used at once, such as a class or method. The {{code}} template or <SOURCE> tag should be used within this.
  • {{Codeerror|<any text>}}
    • This formats text for demonstration of something that one should not do.
  • {{code/experimental|<type>|<value>}}
    • Same as {{code}}, but for anything that isn't completely solidified, yet. This should be applied to all items that have not been in the language for over a month.
  • {{tag|<type>|<specifics>}}
    • This provides a uniform way to represent many (or infinite) possibilities in one angle-bracket-enclosed tag.
    • type is the same as for the {{code}} template.
    • specifics represents that you want to show a specific type of variable, rather than a broad, generic type.
  • {{output|<any text>}}
    • This represents example output from a program. Not all outputs must be represented, but the one that is used must be a legitimately possible output.

These must be used for their intended purposes. Try to not misuse them. For instance, instead of using {{code|variable|<variable:number>}}, use {{tag|variable|number}}.