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In FiM++, Strings are native types. Because of this, they should be able to interact with other native types using any operator.

Kyli Rouge[]

All proposed changes[]


An alternate way to do concatenation. In this case, the addition operator first inspects the two variables and sees that at least one is a string. It then combines the string and the string value of the other into a single temporary string and returns that.


Did you know that Rarity likes “Rari”?
Did you know that Applejack likes “Jack”?
Did you know that OTP was Rarity and Applejack?
I said OTP.

Did you know that dollar sign was “$”?
Did you know that price was 19.99?
I said dollar sign and price.


Removes all instances of the right string from the left.

Removes the given number of characters from the right half of the string. If a non-integer is given, then round it to the nearest integer.


Did you know that cider is “Apple Family apple cider made from real Apple family apples grown in Sweet Apple Acres”?
I said cider without “Apple ”.
Family apple cider made from real family apples grown in Sweet Acres

Did you know that Twilight Sparkle is “a student unicorn”?
I said Twilight Sparkle minus 8.
a student


Primary proposition[]

Concatenates the left string with itself a given number of times times and returns the result.


I said “Pinkie Pie” times 3.
Pinkie PiePinkie PiePinkie Pie

Secondary proposition[]

Same behavior as above, but using suffix notation to allow for a more English-sounding phrase.


I said “Pinkie Pie” 3 times.
Pinkie PiePinkie PiePinkie Pie


Returns the first 1/number of the given string's characters. For instance, if a string is 20 characters long, then dividing it by 4 will return its first 5 characters.


I said “Pinkie PiePinkie PiePinkie Pie” divided by 3.
Pinkie Pie


For this to work properly, every object must have a toString-style method, which allows it to be converted into a string.

<keyword:method begin> <whitespace> description <whitespace> <returns> <whitespace> <type:string> [ <nothing> / <whitespace> ] <punctuation>