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Welcome to the FiM++ Wiki

This is a wiki documenting the FiM++ programming language. Also known as Friendship Reports, FiM++ attempts to be an easy-to-read-aloud programming language that, if you didn't know it was a program, you would think is a letter.


Wanna dive right in, but don't know what to search? Here's where you can start!

  • FiM++ - Basics and history of the language!
  • Reports - Learn about how to write a FiM++ report!
    • Paragraphs - Learn about Paragraphs in FiM++ report!
    • Keywords - Learn about what keywords do in FiM++!
    • Operators - Learn about how operators work in FiM++!
    • Variables - Learn about how variables work in FiM++!
    • Literals - Learn about how literals work in FiM++!

Example Programs


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Major Language Changes

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