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Add all the numbers from 1 to 100 Edit

Did you know that Spike likes the number 0?
For every number x from 1 to 100...
Spike now likes Spike plus x.
That's what I did!

Java Equivalent Edit

double Spike = 0;
for(double x = 1; x < 100; x++){;;
Spike = Spike + x;

Iterate through an array Edit

Did you know that Berry Punch's favorite thing to say is the word “Cheerwine”?
For every character c in Berry Punch's favorite thing to say ...
I said c.
That's what I did!

Java Equivalent Edit

char[] Berry_Punchs_favorite_thing_to_say = new char[]{'C','h','e','e','r','w','i','n','e'};
for(char c : Berry_Punchs_favorite_thing_to_say){;;

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