FiM++ Wiki

A Format Definition String, commonly shortened to FDS, is the meta-language we use to help define FiM++. It's used both on this wiki and the Google Document specification.


The simplest part of a FDS is commonly called a phrase.

Phrases can be selected from a list: this behaviour applies when phrases are separated by slashes and put between square brackets (e.g. [phrase 1/phrase 2/...]). The use of an ellipsis (... or ) indicates that this pattern can be repeated indefinitely.

Definitions, though, are more flexible, and can be generalized.

The statement <solidus> represents the forward slash (/), and is used to avoid confusion with the phrase selector separator.

This wiki and FDS[]

This wiki has a predefined template for code, which visually separates phrases.

It has the form {{tag|<token>|<type>}}.

The template also defines the phrase type type and literal as different.