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The greater than or equal operator is a type of comparison operator which returns the boolean value <literal:true> if the first number object's value is bigger than the second's or equal to it, else returns <literal:false>.

Its token is named GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL.


List of Related Phrases[]

  • had no less than
  • has no less than
  • is no less than
  • is not less than
  • isn't less than
  • was no less than
  • was not less than
  • wasn't less than
  • were no less than
  • were not less than
  • weren't less than


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See Also: Infix notation


If Spike's age wasn't less than 14 then:

This executes the next part of code only if the variable Spike's age is bigger than 14 or equal to it.

This is equivalent to the following Java code:

if(Spike_s_age>=8) {

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