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The subtract operator is an arithmetic operator which subtracts a number object from another.

Its token is named SUBTRACTION.


  • minus
  • without
  • the difference between
    • and
  • subtract
    • from


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See Also: Infix notation

Infix notation can be achieved using the phrases minus or without.

Its FDS is


I wrote the number 13 minus the number 10.

This prints 3.

Its Java equivalent is as follows:

System.out.println((double)13 - (double)10);


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See Also: Prefix notation

Prefix notation can be achieved using the phrase subtract or the difference between and the infix separator from or and.

Its FDS is {{codeblock|[subtract/the difference between]<whitespace><value:number><whitespace>[and/from]<whitespace><value:number>


I wrote the difference between the number 13 and the number 10.

This has the same effect as the previous example.

Note that this can introduce some ambiguity. For instance:

I wrote the difference between 10and 2 and5.

One might expect the output to be 3, because they expect its Java equivalent to be

10 - 2 - 5

, but its Java equivalent is actually

10 - 2 + 5

. This is because the the difference between and subtract operators only have one partner infix operator, and and from, respectively. This means that

{{codeblock|I wrote the difference between 10and 2 is processed alone, and returns 8. Then, 8 and 5 is processed as addition, returning 13. This is because using an and as an operator without any prefix context denotes addition. There is no prefix context for the second and because the first one has already been processed.


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Mane article: Decrement

The decrement operator is a special case of subtraction, and subtracts the fixed value 1 from a variable and cannot be used on literals.

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