FiM++ Wiki

In FiM++, whitespace is used to separate phrases. The amount of whitespace necessary to separate keywords is not defined; it will work as long as there is at least one whitespace character.

List of valid Whitespace Characters[]

  • Horizontal Tab (HT, U+0009)
  • Line Feed (LF, U+000A)
  • Vertical Tab (VT, U+000B)
  • Form Feed (FF, U+000C)
  • Carriage Return (CR, U+000D)
  • Space (U+0020)
  • Next Line (NEL, U+0085)
  • No-break Space (U+00A0)
  • Ogham Space Mark (U+1680)
  • Mongolian Vowel Separator (U+180E)
  • En Quad (U+2000)
  • Em Quad (U+2001)
  • En Space (U+2002)
  • Em Space (U+2003)
  • Three-Per-Em Space (U+2004)
  • Four-Per-Em Space (U+2005)
  • Six-Per-Em Space (U+2006)
  • Figure Space (U+2007)
  • Punctuation Space (U+2008)
  • Thin Space (U+2009)
  • Hair Space (U+200A)
  • Line Separator (U+2028)
  • Paragraph Separator (U+2029)
  • Narrow No-Break Space (U+202F)
  • Medium Mathematical Space (U+205F)
  • Ideographic Space (U+3000)